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Amarit provides full services for petroleum concessionaires, their contractors and subcontractors to run the operation with no hassle. This includes preparation of the Master List and its submission to the Department of Mineral Fuels for approval as well as numerous other related services as follows:


  • inward & outward customs and immigration clearance of vessels and cargoes.
  • Customs formalities by air/land/sea
  • Filing of all necessary declarations
  • Application and filing of all necessary certifications
  • Freight forwarding


  • Visa and work permit applications and their extensions
  • Consultation on arrangement of visas and entries to suit Client's work schedule


  • Inward & outward customs and immigration clearance of drilling rigs and vessels
  • Import & export customs clearance for materials (equipment, materials and parts)
  • Filing and application for import and export licenses
  • Clearance of tubulars, seismic and otherequipment
  • CIQP clearance at location

We do everything within the law to ensure that your stay in the Kingdom is smooth and hassle-free.