We offer an ever more comprehensive selection of services to ensure that each and every client's needs can be met. In addition, full one-stop service can be provided. These full one-stop services are branched out into various areas including but not limited to:

Agency Services

Amarit provides full services for petroleum concessionaires, their contractors and subcontractors to run the operation with no hassle.

Personnel Transport

Let us take the worry out of your arrival in Thailand, and take the hassle out of crew changes.

Provision & Requisition

Amarit provides food and other supplies (fresh, dry, canned and frozen food as well as deck stores and other necessities) for vessels, rigs and on-shore sites as well as to the catering companies.

Labour & Manpower

Amarit provides skilled personnel for both onshore and offshore work

Heavy Equipment / Vehicle Rental

When moving your precious cargo, materials and equipment, we have everything you need at your disposal with qualified, skilled operators at your service

Trucking and Hauling

At AMARIT, we pay special attention to the safety of your property, from the time we load it onto the trucks, throughout transport, to its safe delivery to and offloading at the destination

Yard, Office & Warehouse rental

AMARIT has spacious state-of-the-art warehouses with open and covered space available for rental in Bangkok, Songkhla and Sattahip with 24-hour security facility.

Maintenance & Repair

Amarit has its own motor pool in Songkhla with complete repair and maintenance service to ensure that all vehicles and equipment are kept in optimum condition for the best efficiency and safety at all times