was founded in 1970 by Captain Amarit Visuddhidham and, since that time, has had a part in almost every well drilled in Thailand.

AMARIT consists of five companies (one of which is a joint venture with French world-wide catering giant Sodexho) which are involved in providing different types of services.

These companies are:

Amarit and Associates Co., Ltd.


Amarit and Associates Logistics Co., Ltd.


Amarit and Associates Catering Co., Ltd.


Ranchero Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Sodexo Amarit (Thailand)


In its 40 years of operational experience, AMARIT has accumulated an unequalled reservoir of experience in the coordination of oil, gas and pipelaying industry activities and in working in liaison with municipal, district, provincial, and central Royal Thai Government offices. From a small office in Songkhla, it has now expanded to include its large Headquarters Office with warehouse in Bangkok, four large warehouse/office Yard complexes in Songkhla, and its Warehouse No.5 and Yard K.M.9 inside Sattahip Port in Chonburi inside Sattahip Port in Chonburi.

Bangkok Head Office













AMARITís sterling reputation for professionalism is based on over a quarter of a centuryís service.   In serving our clients we call on this long experience and combine it with our understanding of the requirements of overseas companies striving to succeed in a foreign land with an alien culture as well as its own language, law, and system. AMARITís contacts, built up over more than two decades, are a unique asset we share in the service of our clients.